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Talking about the Kingdom of Sweden, once you set foot here you’ll be stunned first and

wondering the next, thinking have you actually stepped back in time for its greener and cleaner

like that of bygone years. There is less concrete and more a meadow or two in every fine corner.

But don’t make your mind yet as you are simultaneously in a country that has given us the

coveted Nobel Prize, a country that’s labelled way ahead in time owing to their vision, to their

milestone inventions and contributions that has altogether turned tables; arresting the

drawbacks of human activity.

Acquaint yourself with Sweden, the Swedes and their vivid ways. That is why we list out

here Sweden’s most salient features for you.

The Kingdom is blessed with lots of land and this vastness also reflects in the hearts of Swedes

who are ever ready to accommodate more than 130 nationalities! Known to all, Sweden is

ranked on the topmost for being one of the most welcoming destinations.

This space also warmly accommodates four distinct reasons

They also happen to be title holders of being a safe bunch of people that means you are in one

of the safest places on Earth.


Power of the rikstag

Much of their greatness can be attributed to their motto of living by equality. They are known

for closing the gender pay gap by a big margin.

– Know that they have together fetched for themselves the repute of abiding by ethics be it civic

or business reasons. This responsibility along with a free mind are stressed on.


Innovators and Adapters

The drive for research and innovation is close to heart here. The classroom here is an

experiment corridor.From everyday solutions to pathbreaking innovation they have proved it

time and again. For example green technology was their brainchild and so was the three point

seatbelt. They are also very quick adaptors. No wonder then why Sweden has crossed paths

from a soft nation of peasants to one of the strongest economies in the world today .


Quality by default

Although they conform to the Bologna protocols teaching methodologies differ; Its one course

at a time for a short period of weeks followed by an exam.

Freedom of mind is pushed to the forefront therefore brainstorming, opining, personal initiative

and challenging teamwork make up a typical swedish classroom where the teacher ofen plays

student .


Research and higher education sees high key investment here.

– The student gets to be a pivotal part as the decision maker. Student voice and feedback is

sought and taken to seriously in and out the classroom.

A renewed sense and self is what makes this place more endearing owing to a colourful society

and communication since outsiders make up a good portion here ; a world in itself that is fondly

called Sweden.

This also means that English language comes second place which is good news for the overseas



Huge return on investment

Claiming the world’s 8th highest per capita income and liberal funding on education particularly

tertiary education and research makes Sweden a student’s city.

Entrepreneurship and work options are wide with the likes of companies like Sony, Intel,

Huawei, Ikea owning base and inventions like Bluetooth, medical ultrasound, inkjet printer etc.

An easily obtained work permit at the behest of your employer makes life post study a good

option again.

The shortage industries with growing demand include IT, telecommunication, moning and

automotive industries beside some others.


Application and others

There are more than 500 graduate programmes and both 1 and 2 year master’s available.

Application is to be made well in advance where you can apply at 4 different universities at a

time. Exchange students get to study for free . Again while Phd comes free, bachelor’s and

master’s programmes are pricey. However scholarship programmes including the Erasmus

Mundus make up for them . Student life in Sweden can be wrapped up in a sum of around

SEK 70,000 for a year.


Sweden in numbers

– 4.9% of GDP exclusive to research funds.

-2nd best for overall quality of education

-Ranks 4th among innovators of the world

Awarded European Capital of Culture 2014

Currently proud owner of 52 universities

World leader in corporate social responsibility.

Ranked on top for entrepreneur ship and strategic management.

-Was selected the 4th most competitive economy by World Economic Forum 2009-2010.



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