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Every other year, Europe sees in and off an influx of eager students from all over the globe. Universities are cosmopolitan and the world belongs here. One may wonder about this hiking interest in Europe. Then the answer lies right in the classrooms of Europe, for its not on round tables but in these very classrooms that thougjts exchange and ideas emerge as evidemt from history where Europe has contributed more than science and technology to the world. What happens when these classrooms go global? Ideas only double and get better. This environment of knowledge is inherent and sttessed upon in every nonle institution of knowledge throughout Europe. Further the amount spent on research  and facilities provided is enormous. Because the belief and idea is to promote ‘thinking’ , greater learning and challenging the status quo to give something to the world i.e. a mind of your own. Besides this it is also to lend a platform for overall development and glorious career to each a student. It is this devotion to learning that attracts the young populatiom from different lands and miles.The end result as seen already is new thinking, new teaching methodologies and armed graduates teady to take on the world. Besides this what we get is new age entrepreneurs with  revolutionary ideas to bring about interesting changes to the world.

You have made the right decision to take your learning higher and father. I wish you the best  in your novel  journey.

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