Study Medicine in Europe

Medicine in Europe

It goes without saying that Europe is the cradle of learning. And higher academics in the medical department is not far behind. So in a continent of states, with a greater number of English speaking ones, it shouldn’t be difficult to fetch yourself a place in the medical world right? Truly, if you have the passion and channelize it straight, you’ll be left with more than an opportunity and accolade besides of course the coveted  certificate at hand. Being authorised representatives of European medical universities, we are pleased to assure and assist aspiring medics in their chase.

What makes Europe stand apart in this department is the quality of study, of infrastructure, of teaching methodology, of intensive practical training etc. No wonder why every year an influx of eager students make their entry here. For example PBL i.e. problem solving learning ensures that students take part in groups to solve cases under supervision from their first year itself therefore steering them from the start towards career fulfilment in this noble profession.

Without doubt, they are looking for brains but also for self motivated team players and enterprising students of knowledge in all departments including research. Therefore it will only do you good if you present any document highlighting your achievements in extra-curriculars, your activeness in public health service and/or letter of recommendation.

Fees are of noted concern. But we would like to add that opportunities in the form of 100% scholarships, grants, instalment options and many others are available. For every fee choked centre of study, there is another medical university at your close reach. East European centres especially play their part here as they are not only economically light on the student but also appreciated for their hands on training approach right from the student’s first medical semester where they are made to encounter and diagnose patient cases  over theoretical study. Romania and Bulgaria have been springing up in the popularity scale because of the mentioned reasons. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Kosovo are few others.

Recognition of certificate, admission criteria, syllabi, entrance exams and the like vary from country to country and university to university as well. Once there, it’s upon the student to sustain himself amidst hefty competition and stay put throughout. For those planning to work in the same land, it gets even better. As for students who wish to come back and practice in their native must make sure that their universities are recognized by the Medical Council of their state or be prepared to appear for an MBBS selection test.



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