The latest country to join the Euro zone and swiftly climbing both in economy and the higher education forefront is Lithuania. Lithuania also happens to be one of the lesser explored gem of places and as unique as the only one to have an official scent of its own.


Once a large province, Lithuania was the first of countries to declare its independence from the U.S.S.R.  She learned without leaning onto pressure. Mid 16-17th century saw its peak of the culture and knowledge drive. All their works had to be preserved from invasion and extinction so the Lithuanians took it upon them to fortify their fortress of defence by smuggling books and home schooling. Today she revels in the repute she enjoys for her quality of education drawing eager students of knowledge from across the globe.

It is said that the Lithuanian script is older than Greek and Latin. However it is common knowledge that Lithuanian is the only surviving one of Baltic languages to date.

European in essence

Lithuania is very much European particularly East European, full of nature- about 1/3rd   adorned with lakes and forests. So it doesn’t hurt to mention that there are just too many a place to go canoeing.

Strong ties to the West does good for her in more than one way. She has the advantage of being part of the EU, NATO.  And so higher studies here comply to the Bologna scheme and academic guidelines of quality. Whereas the Schengen treaty gives a good time to the student who wants to seek more from Lithuania onwards to the rest of Europe.

Your study – the plan outline

Your study is why you are here and an all rounding study says why you should be here. 90 percent Lithuanians are bilingual and well versed in English which makes your stay and your study span an easy choice.

Technology centres are already there and science parks or science valleys are being put up here with a vision to participation of higher education institutions to cater especially to the overseas student mass. This roll up of education, research and business is set to majorly benefit the university student. Major players in the market like Barclays and manufacturers in the Baltics are situated right here in Lithuania. Options like Mechatronics, information technology (IT), biotechnology are few strong options open to you. There are plenty.

Quality is not compromised on and studies here are more inclined to the practical side. Opt between full time or part time studies. You can also go for short term summer courses besides your degree programme. The history student has a lot to look forward to and the humanities/social science subjects come around the least regarding tuition fees.

Considering work, internship or otherwise the norm is to directly approach companies

Almost all the colleges have their own counsellors and mentors to make student life for the overseas ones easier.

Apart from tuition fee, the cost of living is less by a big margin, relative to West Europe. And the international student also gets to avail scholarships including the Erasmus Mundus

Universities on top

When in Lithuania’s cosmopolitan capital centre, check out Vilnius University, the largest in Lithuania and oldest in the Baltics. The vibes are energetic here and the university is complete having a massive student population, highly qualified faculty, at least 21 courses, a career advisory centre and more student-friendly services to their credit

A short distance from here by train or bus (both of which are very affordable) will bring you to Kaunas housing the 2nd largest university among the Baltic states-Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). KTU owns a hold over businesses such that research and opportunities for an intern is most welcome here. Some of the innovations of the world are the products of proud KTU members.

And that’s not all, some of the most illustrious universities specializing in research and their respective fields is Lithuania’s. So now it’s 44 universities and colleges and still counting.


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