A blessed land seeped in water and greenery and playing big in the academic field is Latvia for you. Placed lovingly near the Baltic shore, Latvia is in to amuse you as you fall helplessly for it. One of the Baltic queens, she could be called Lithuania’s sister country due to their cultural resemblance. However, her identity is more clearly marked in the progress reports of the world’s countries where they have surprised us with overall development; this owing heavily to their key strength i.e. their enlightening institutions of learning and knowledge.

A diverse bunch of people from neighbouring countries and from an earlier war-torn history make up this place albeit a harmonious one at present. That and this land’s central winning position in the European map both are key features that draw in the spectators, students, investors and dwellers from different corners of the world.

Your Study

Two different study programs are offered to students. One is the regular studies and then comes the professional-centric study. While the former is taught at universities, the latter can be availed both at universities and other institutions to prep up the learner precisely for the job market for a job corresponding to the subject of study.  There exists at least 200 international study programmes with English as instruction mode where universities are bent on individual student attention.

Enrolment till Departure

Admission criterion is like most other European countries practising the three tier learning under Bologna’s standardized charter because Latvia’s credit point system is in sync with the ECTS. Some institutes may call for an entrance exam or for varying application formalities. However the general guidelines are thus:

To get eligible you just have to present the necessary certificate of higher secondary completion and guarantee your skills and knowledge for the course and university in question.

It is also one task lesser in Latvia for in most cases you need to appear only for an interview to guarantee your knowledge in the English language in place of an IELTS or TOEFL.


When in Latvia, Do the Letts

Softly she whispers her secrets unto you in those blocks of castles and monuments. And steadily she runs her own record be it achieving 99% literacy rates or that of being the world’s greenest place.

Roam about when you feel like to take a break. Witness the widest waterfall in Europe ‘Ventas Rumba’ or simply attempt a new sport. You’re any day welcome here.

Lithuania’s basketball is Latvia’s ice hockey. It calls for a try to play with the champs.

Get hopping. Take a ferry to Sweden, train to Russia or bus to others. Travel in and around East Europe within your budget because the fares are a marked gap compared to west European countries.

Get working. Latvia’s economy has caught on momentum since 2010. Forecasters cite that the employment and research and innovation will see but only a boom in the major sectors.

Be free to dwell here because you are in one of the safest places in the world. The capital city even has a unit of tourism police!


In and out Campus

It doesn’t end at academics. The foreign student gets to witness and get on the field taking cultural activities and sports. 9 in 10 universities host the playgrounds for hockey, basketball, volleyball and so many others. And out-campus you have bobsledding. luge, golf etc.

Fees and accommodation woes aren’t a topic here, in east side Europe for prices are relatively slashed big-time and very carefully at that so as not to affect quality from any angle. For example- The capital of Latvia, Riga is no less than a sophisticated, charming and student friendly one with the cosmopolitan aura you are looking for. Yet the cost package will be your pleasant surprise.  .

You won’t have a lot to be mindful about because tying up with Latvian universities, we look after the procedures whilst you are here and once you’re there you are taken care of mostly especially beginning with orientation to housing assistance to employment after graduation. You are left with the obligation to perform well and the option to entertain yourself with every facility made available at easy reach of the student.

As far as job opportunities for the part time student are concerned, know that Latvia being a member of the European Union makes equating your certificate possible throughout Europe. A student can work 20 hours a week at most and he/she can choose between paid internships as well.

A permanent work permit is also a bet won if your employer is keen to have you



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