Inventions, art, cuisine, football and a well endowed history are not all. Italy perhaps wasn’t content yet; i.e. just before she decided to make her move into the higher education forum. And it turned out to be a move well-made, one not long before success’ call. Today Italy houses atleast ——- million students and the figure is only set to rise with ardent followers from close and farther quarters.

High on the cards is Italy’s name punched/pitched in alongside world leaders in ———– with universities like ——- leading the pack and standing at ——–spot according to the findings of credible ranking systems like the QS World University Ranking. Ask the student how Italy impresses and each one will have different things to say. Every student has a city meant for him.

The History Buff – A monumental history of war and peace, decline and renaissance; how to turn tables is in her power. To learn from it and re-draw from it is every history buff’s wish which is answered when in Italy.

The art major – Much to the musings of every maverick and much to the liking of the not-so- maverick , Italy has more than a handful of arty places to celebrate about. Milan, Venice. Rome, Florence ———-

The over achiever- You have good news in Italy being a global village; a mini Europe summed up in her 20 varied regions and replete with the new world charm of London, flavor of France, rawness of East Side Europe. So you won’t miss any whilst your stay here. You won’t miss achieving either.

The sport obsessed – Distinctive to Italy is her weather and her Alps. Add to that a number of adventurous sites and what you get is nothing less than a treat for those who like to play it fast on sloppy terrain.

The backpacker- One who has an insatiable thirst for travelling is not left wanting here. UNESCO recognizes 49 heritage sites of Italy i.e. the most for any country to compete with.

The fashion struck- Italy has her name etched on fashion brands and famous names that have ruled the world . Read Gucci, Versace. Armani, Prada,

The regular student-

The summer-time student-

The laid back student-

The global leader , entrepreneur-

The amused and the muse-


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