“The land of ideas”

If football, auto-mobiles machinery and other consumables weren’t enough, Germany has proved their prowess in one more sector i.e. the ‘a’ of all – academics particularly higher academics. If you aren’t still convinced here are the top 10 reasons why you should..

Quality over quantity

Without doubt Germany is one mighty nation with their trademark being quality above all. Wherever they  venture they ensure to leave their stamp on it and not without remarkable success. And so the saga of German quality goes to getting noticed and popular in the higher education arena.

German medical and engineering universities stand out in the big league alongside American and British heavyweights. Their research departments have been giving out to the world, inventions one after the other and not surprisingly earning the coveted Nobel Prize multiple times. It suffices to say that RWTH Aachen earned $1.3 billion in 2013 for their contributions through their projects, an amount which alone outnumbers the annual budget of some countries. Do we have to remind that a vaccine developed at Heidelberg University was found successful against uterine cancer. By the way, 3 Nobel Prizes became their’s the same year.

Universities – on the top

The stakes are high, competition – rife but German power is here to stay. German universities have been traditionally clenching top spots among the world’s best universities according  to credible ranking systems carried out by (The Times, Universitas, Qs world institute rankings etc.)

Free Education

This one comes as a huge surprise to many. This tactic actually works in their favour because an exodus of students come in from all over availing this opportunity where German universities are the only ones in Europe to offer thus.

There is big money pooled in higher studies, research and developments but they prefer to compensate it through their success i.e. keeping in mind the long term return. Therefore no price tag is attached to the quality invested and so studies are more or less free and government funded(documentation charges of 500 Euros apply per semester for most universities) not counting a number of scholarship programmes that help cover living costs.

A bucket full of scholarship layouts

It is in their agenda to sell differently and so flexing the price factor further as mentioned above academic access is made even easier with a 101 worthy scholarships to help cover miscellaneous expenses. Thus inviting brains from lands and miles they build an empire of reputation, famous names, brands and companies selling all over a globalized world. For further information on scholarships that meet your criterion, refer to our scholarships list.


Learn, grow and discover in an interactive based environment that stresses on in-depth research and superlative quality. At 421 universities and diverse specialization courses be it aerospace engineering, business administration or veterinary engineering, avenues to explore lay afloat for international students. And need we mention the recognition your German certificate holds.

Worldwide recognition

Knowledge of the German tongue next to the English language is a plus on your resume as in a diploma obtained from a German university which is recognized everywhere.

No – hassle admission

Admission procedure is made easy again with our services based on direct communication with the boards of German universities

Study in English

The popular mode of instruction being English makes studies in German land a viable option for the international student diaspora.

Icing on the German cake

Germany is blessed in a location that fits right into the heart of Europe ; completing its winding scroll of bounties. Moving through in and out of here:all through the European territory is easy with your residence permit.Nature too is not one to stay behind and lovingly decorates this place with aplomb. Stunning nature and exotic landscapes is all open and calling out to you.

Inching strength to strength

Germany which is considered EU’s working locomotive is expected to touch the highest living standards a few years hence, according to expert opinion. They are not one to stop and reminisce. Solidifying its position amongst the superpowers and extending her clutches to the number 1, economically and politically. Summing up, that’s a brilliant future in the making.

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