Europe: The Study Capital of the World

 Europe already houses prestigious universities by the likes of Oxford and Harvard. They ensure the right environment to nurture learning and investigative minds. No wonder why Europe is a pioneer in research and education today with over 400 Nobel Laureates to their credit and about 45% of worldwide patent applications. Apart from learning centres of sophistication and knowledge Europe is also home to State of the art libraries that rank among the finest in the world.


Quality Education for the Ambitious Student

Pursuing subjects of your interest is made complete alongside training opportunities that are directly connected to your sought out industry career – wise. Top-ranking universities in Europe are spread out offering eclectic study programs tailored for varying academic backgrounds besides short duration modules. English is the common mode of instruction while language classes at all levels are another plus. The quality of an MBBS degree in Europe can be exemplified by the fact that it still remains the preferred choice for overseas students in spite of the rising competition.

Budding entrepreneurs gain much from opportunities and exposure that they get from here.  Meritorious candidates are also encouraged through scholarships and extra financial support.  A diploma certificate from any European university is also highly regarded around the world. For additional information on academic options in Europe look up on the country pages or through the Database on Educational Exchange Programmes (DEEP), an initiative of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) that holds extensive information on course modules and scholarships across all universities in Europe. Regional Overseas education consultants in India are ever ready to do the homework of assisting you through your best options, university selection, procedures and the like when planning to move abroad.


Higher education minus emotional baggage

To spread your wings you must be able to Relate to, compete and communicate effectively in a diverse world. This world, recreated in miniature is fully supported throughout your stay for study in Europe. From university orientation programmes to mentoring, extra-curricular activities, accommodation and even airport transfers –   students are taken exclusively care of. Taking overseas students into account, the EU Member States also facilitates fulfilment of formalities and procedures from immigration onwards.  Study abroad consultants and embassies in your place are happy to help you achieve your dream and acquire you a visa to Europe with ease.


Economically viable; Knowledge for one and all

We believe that studying in a global village should be something open to one and all for a brighter done future. Hence efforts are observed to ensure that Europe’s finest temples of learning are reachable by those potential candidates at very reasonable and student friendly rates. Many countries like Germany even provide education for free. Further scholarships and student loans in Europe help overseas students to cover study costs conveniently.


Europe: a journey to learn and live

For those seeking higher standards in learning, invest in a novel and stimulating learning experience that doesn’t stop at academics for Europe is in itself a cosmopolitan land that has a journey to offer. In a land of many tongues, tastes and contrasts you will find yourself a part of civilization and cultural diversity firsthand. And the best part is that the Schengen Treaty permits one to travel a large part of Europe with a single visa at hand.



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