Lithuania sees huge rise in Indian students

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VLNIUS: Indian students have started to explore new parts of Europe for higher education and many are headed to Lithuania.

Lithuania has recorded a massive increase in the number of Indian students heading to its universities with the latest data showing that the number of Indian students studying full time in the Baltic country have increased from 37 in 2011 to 357 in 2014.

In 2012, there were 57 students from India enrolled in Lithuanian colleges which increased to 224 in 2013.

This year, the numbers are expected to breach the 500 mark.

From January to June of 2015 “Study in Lithuania” website was visited 64,931 times. The most visitors came from the following five countries: India – 7.695 sessions, Ukraine – 5.789 sessions, United States – 4.944 sessions, Russia – 3.996 sessions and Belarus – 3.393 sessions.

In 2014, the most popular Lithuanian university amongst Indians was the Kaunas University of Technology with 248 students enrolling there

The second in terms of popularity was Vilnius Gediminas Technical University which recorded 36 students from India.

According to statistics gathered by the Study in Lithuania department, in 2014 the only country which surpassed India in the number of students in Lithuania was Belarus (1617 students).

In 2015, the QS World University Rankings published a list of the best universities in emerging Europe and central Asia. Four Lithuanian universities made it to the top 100. Vilnius University was placed 32nd, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University – 47th, Kaunas University of Technology was placed within the 61-70th rank and Vytautas Magnus University – 81-90th places.

What is the quality of education in Lithuania? People just flock foreign universities to get “PHOREN” educated

Ilona Kazlauskaite, head of higher education programs unit in Lithuania told the TOI, “Indian students are sincere, diligent and very hard working. Their presence in our universities is raising the bar of excellence. Lithuania is known worldwide for its expertise in laser technology, agricultural and medical sciences, engineering and courses in art. Indians are now among the top 5 countries as far as the origin of our international students is concerned.”

Kazlauskaite said that Indians are coming to the country to study because “the quality of education is among the top in Europe while living costs and tuition fees are tremendously cheap compared to UK”.


News courtesy: TOI

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Italy Tops the List of Best Countries to Study Abroad

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Europe is a top study abroad destination, while Pakistan and Iran are at the bottom of the list.


Prepping for finals is never fun, but few things can propel students through the pain like an upcoming boat ride along a Venetian canal or a glass of wine in a Roman cafe.

Italy is the best country to study abroad, at least according to nearly 6,000 millennials, or adults under age 35,  who filled out surveys for the 2016 Best Countries rankings. The rankings, formed in partnership with brand strategy firm BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, aim to gauge global perceptions of the world’s biggest economies in terms of specific attributes associated with countries.

The Best Countries to Study Abroad, including Spain, the United States, France and theUnited Kingdom, scored highest on a compilation of five equally weighted country attributes: culturally accessible, fun, has top quality universities, many cultural attractions and would consider attending university there. Pakistan and Iran – two countries criticized by human rights groups – were perceived as the worst countries in which to hit the books.

Italy, a country known worldwide for its architecture, stunning coastlines and cuisine, doesn’t have a problem attracting visitors. Italy was the fifth-most popular tourist destination in 2014, drawing in 48.6 million international visitors, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Students also flock to the country in significant numbers. Italy was the 10th-most popular destination for international students in 2012, drawing in 2 percent of the total international student population, according to the most recent UNESCO data. The country is popular among U.S. students, who only choose the United Kingdom to study in greater numbers.

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Study in Lithuania

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The latest country to join the Euro zone and swiftly climbing both in economy and the higher education forefront is Lithuania. Lithuania also happens to be one of the lesser explored gem of places and as unique as the only one to have an official scent of its own.


Once a large province, Lithuania was the first of countries to declare its independence from the U.S.S.R.  She learned without leaning onto pressure. Mid 16-17th century saw its peak of the culture and knowledge drive. All their works had to be preserved from invasion and extinction so the Lithuanians took it upon them to fortify their fortress of defence by smuggling books and home schooling. Today she revels in the repute she enjoys for her quality of education drawing eager students of knowledge from across the globe.

It is said that the Lithuanian script is older than Greek and Latin. However it is common knowledge that Lithuanian is the only surviving one of Baltic languages to date.

European in essence

Lithuania is very much European particularly East European, full of nature- about 1/3rd   adorned with lakes and forests. So it doesn’t hurt to mention that there are just too many a place to go canoeing.

Strong ties to the West does good for her in more than one way. She has the advantage of being part of the EU, NATO.  And so higher studies here comply to the Bologna scheme and academic guidelines of quality. Whereas the Schengen treaty gives a good time to the student who wants to seek more from Lithuania onwards to the rest of Europe.

Your study – the plan outline

Your study is why you are here and an all rounding study says why you should be here. 90 percent Lithuanians are bilingual and well versed in English which makes your stay and your study span an easy choice.

Technology centres are already there and science parks or science valleys are being put up here with a vision to participation of higher education institutions to cater especially to the overseas student mass. This roll up of education, research and business is set to majorly benefit the university student. Major players in the market like Barclays and manufacturers in the Baltics are situated right here in Lithuania. Options like Mechatronics, information technology (IT), biotechnology are few strong options open to you. There are plenty.

Quality is not compromised on and studies here are more inclined to the practical side. Opt between full time or part time studies. You can also go for short term summer courses besides your degree programme. The history student has a lot to look forward to and the humanities/social science subjects come around the least regarding tuition fees.

Considering work, internship or otherwise the norm is to directly approach companies

Almost all the colleges have their own counsellors and mentors to make student life for the overseas ones easier.

Apart from tuition fee, the cost of living is less by a big margin, relative to West Europe. And the international student also gets to avail scholarships including the Erasmus Mundus

Universities on top

When in Lithuania’s cosmopolitan capital centre, check out Vilnius University, the largest in Lithuania and oldest in the Baltics. The vibes are energetic here and the university is complete having a massive student population, highly qualified faculty, at least 21 courses, a career advisory centre and more student-friendly services to their credit

A short distance from here by train or bus (both of which are very affordable) will bring you to Kaunas housing the 2nd largest university among the Baltic states-Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). KTU owns a hold over businesses such that research and opportunities for an intern is most welcome here. Some of the innovations of the world are the products of proud KTU members.

And that’s not all, some of the most illustrious universities specializing in research and their respective fields is Lithuania’s. So now it’s 44 universities and colleges and still counting.



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Europe: The Study Capital of the World

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 Europe already houses prestigious universities by the likes of Oxford and Harvard. They ensure the right environment to nurture learning and investigative minds. No wonder why Europe is a pioneer in research and education today with over 400 Nobel Laureates to their credit and about 45% of worldwide patent applications. Apart from learning centres of sophistication and knowledge Europe is also home to State of the art libraries that rank among the finest in the world.


Quality Education for the Ambitious Student

Pursuing subjects of your interest is made complete alongside training opportunities that are directly connected to your sought out industry career – wise. Top-ranking universities in Europe are spread out offering eclectic study programs tailored for varying academic backgrounds besides short duration modules. English is the common mode of instruction while language classes at all levels are another plus. The quality of an MBBS degree in Europe can be exemplified by the fact that it still remains the preferred choice for overseas students in spite of the rising competition.

Budding entrepreneurs gain much from opportunities and exposure that they get from here.  Meritorious candidates are also encouraged through scholarships and extra financial support.  A diploma certificate from any European university is also highly regarded around the world. For additional information on academic options in Europe look up on the country pages or through the Database on Educational Exchange Programmes (DEEP), an initiative of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) that holds extensive information on course modules and scholarships across all universities in Europe. Regional Overseas education consultants in India are ever ready to do the homework of assisting you through your best options, university selection, procedures and the like when planning to move abroad.


Higher education minus emotional baggage

To spread your wings you must be able to Relate to, compete and communicate effectively in a diverse world. This world, recreated in miniature is fully supported throughout your stay for study in Europe. From university orientation programmes to mentoring, extra-curricular activities, accommodation and even airport transfers –   students are taken exclusively care of. Taking overseas students into account, the EU Member States also facilitates fulfilment of formalities and procedures from immigration onwards.  Study abroad consultants and embassies in your place are happy to help you achieve your dream and acquire you a visa to Europe with ease.


Economically viable; Knowledge for one and all

We believe that studying in a global village should be something open to one and all for a brighter done future. Hence efforts are observed to ensure that Europe’s finest temples of learning are reachable by those potential candidates at very reasonable and student friendly rates. Many countries like Germany even provide education for free. Further scholarships and student loans in Europe help overseas students to cover study costs conveniently.


Europe: a journey to learn and live

For those seeking higher standards in learning, invest in a novel and stimulating learning experience that doesn’t stop at academics for Europe is in itself a cosmopolitan land that has a journey to offer. In a land of many tongues, tastes and contrasts you will find yourself a part of civilization and cultural diversity firsthand. And the best part is that the Schengen Treaty permits one to travel a large part of Europe with a single visa at hand.



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