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It dates back to 2012 when Snews ventured into the educational picture realizing the need and demand for guided access to a global and holistic education by an increasing student strata.  Not just the immense passion for learning but we also saw in it abilities hiding potential enough to light the world. At a time where  globalization began charting inroads into education,  directing individual learner needs and mettle to opportunities in academically towering centres of study proved the right idea after all and soon enough a steady base of happily placed clientele led us to diverse into many branches in different countries.

The range of possibilities in a sea of distinguished international universities and recognition earned therefrom is common knowledge. However doubts in your head regarding where and what can be a tad daunting when options are so many and wide. You’ll thank us after having met with our expert consultants who are veterans in the field of finding you an apt study destination that’s in tune with your aptitude, tastes, budget and the rest.

Our team at Snews is up-to-date, helped by direct partnership with almost all the high-flying university boards in the overseas countries. Owing to the recent sweeping change in student mobility, we keep in close touch with European institutions that are deemed to be  topping  ‘the most sought-after’ charts this year with Germany waving from the top.

We are happy to help

Your dream or the doorway to the big dream could be a counsel away. Once you’ve decided to try your chances and collaborate with our very knowledgeable set of advisors, you’re likely to find unknown options unfold before you. You’ll be surprised to learn that most of the blockades you might’ve thought of were non existent in the first place. As for the rest, they are deftly handled by our very dedicated team-up of counsellors.

We will only be pleased to equip prospective candidates with timely assistance  in the form of  personalized counseling and arrangements of moving into new borders. Right from selection, fulfilling pre-requisites to visa assistance and pack up our well qualified counselors and British council trained trainers will ensure you a good time until your educational adventure is set to roll.

How big are your chances?

This is the next popping question and mostly followed by ‘how much?’. You never know what awaits until you’ve looked up for credible information in the right place. Most unsettling worries zero on into cost figures but we would like to assure you that with with one aim i.e. to set benchmark and the prospects to reach them, broad funding programmes are designed keeping in mind the bulk of foreign student masses who frequent overseas for study. Scholarships and grants are plenty especially for the meritorious bunch who can avail of studies tuition free.


‘Right placement for the right student’ is our guiding motto. When it comes to making smart and fitting choices we are right there playing as guide, confidante and mediator because we believe in making the best out of a journey as much as its inportant to select the right place for a deciding and often extended study period.

We also strive to provide the right channel for seeking learners to:

-Access quality higher education taking into account the competitive spirit of a closer knit world today.

-Explore and settle in new avenues that lay out abundant opportunities for study, research and progress.


A learned mind is not confined therefore learning should also open up to newer ways beyond the conventional and be made accessible to all. Therefore it is our wish to assist in taking the educational adventure farther and perhaps bring the world closer on this front by strengthening cross-country and cultural ties.

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